About DeepUnion

We are a cannabis vaporization solution expert, created by our mother company First Union which ranks World Top 3 in e-cigarette industry, our love for innovation never ceases.

Live by our value – innovation, win-win and professionalism, our vision is to invent great vaporization hardware and change people’s life. Just like what we expressed in our slogan Beyond Vapor, apart from premier products, we also provide you one-stop seamless service, win-win and sustainable relationship.

Mission: To provide premier cannabis vaping hardware and oil filling & customization solutions for the global market.

Vision: To bring great cannabis vaping products to life.

Values: Innovation, win-win and professionalism.

What Do We Do

• Cartridge, disposable pen, pod system and battery;

• Hardware OEM/ODM service;

• Auto oil filling Machine;

• CBD oil white label;

• Packaging.

How Do We Do Things Differently

• One-stop tailor made service: Customization is in our DNA.

• Advanced global R&D capability: 4 R&D hubs based in Shenzhen China, UK, US and Canada.

• High value-added service portfolio: In time product supply, customized product development and update, professional warehouse and procurement and sales & marketing support.