Jan 19,2020

Global companies are looking to Spain. Among the most crucial firm on the planet of marijuana, the Canadian Canopy Development, has actually focused on Spain In March 2019, the British fund GHO Capital, focused on the wellness field and part of Cover, bought the historic lab Alcaliber for more than EUR200 million.

This Spanish research laboratory currently provides cannabis as well as seeds to Cover, which, at the end of 2019, has actually once more closed another procedure in Spain with the procurement of an Alicante-based company that has a permit to growth marijuana. This is Cáñamo y Fibras Naturales (Cafina), among the few Spanish startups to have the thumbs-up from the AEMPS (Spanish Medicines Agency) to investigate the marijuana medicinal usages.

Another company that has actually gone into Spain is Freedom Leaf, based in Las Vegas (U.S.A.), which last May purchased a 40,000 square meter greenhouse in Valencia for EUR4.2 million.


Legal status of cannabis in Spain

Weed is prohibited for sale and also public consumption, yet completely legal for personal usage, also recreationally so long as it remains in an exclusive room such as your house or a cannabis-club.

According to EL Pais, Spain has some of the world's most energetic research study teams checking into cannabis, even though it is still illegal for medical as well as recreational objectives. Either the current federal government of Socialist Party (PSOE) Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez or any of its precursors have actually revealed the least inclination to manage the medication.

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