Sep 07,2020

Cannabis consisting of THC may not yet be lawful in Hong Kong, or in most of Asia, but there is already a CBD cafe up and running in the Sheung Wan district. Presently in the soft-opening stage, the cafe will certainly be fully open following month with a total food selection of CBD offerings.

Elegant and also stylish, Found, the area's first CBD cafe, offers a complete variety of CBD-based marijuana products, consisting of vials of CBD oil for individual use, powders to be included in foods such as oil and butters, and also various other products, including items for family pets that require pain alleviation. They also market CBD-infused beer and coffee for those that want to stay awhile in the coffee shop.


Cannabis regulation in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, cannabis was classed as unlawful under the 1969 Dangerous Drugs Regulation. The manufacture of cannabis or any other medication is deemed the most serious of all drug-related offences: No person shall grow any type of plant of the genus cannabis or the opium poppy, however absolutely nothing in this subsection will protect against the Federal government Chemist, in his capability thus, from growing a plant of the category marijuana until now as might be needed for the exercise of his employment. (Changed 62 of 1994 s. 3) Anyone who cultivates marijuana, will face a HK$ 100,000 (US$ 13,000) great as well as 15 years behind bars. Jail sentences for consuming marijuana are unusual, however substantial fines in the 10s of thousands of HK$ s are not unusual. The acquisition or sale or usage of cannabis brings a maximum sentence of 7 years' jail time as well as a fine of HK$ 1 million (US$ 128,000). Trafficking carries a maximum sentence of life behind bars. Despite these regulations, the quantity of marijuana seized by Hong Kong raised by 238% in between January and also October 2017. According to official statistics, there was a decrease in 2018 as regional authorities confiscated 149 kilograms of marijuana in the initial six months of 2018, a 74% decline from the 583 kilograms in the same period in 2017. The Hong Kong Food and also Health Bureau as well as the Department of Health and wellness have the adhering to regulations concerning food products consisting of cannabis:


How about CBD in Hong Kong?

CBD is not a dangerous drug regulated under Cap. 134. Drug items consisting of CBD but none dangerous drugs should be registered with the Drug store and also Poisons Board based on the demands under the Drug store as well as Poisons Statute (Cap. 138) prior to they can be marketed or dispersed.