Jul 13,2020

Israel overtook Germany as the No. 1 importer of medical cannabis blossom on the planet up until now this year. Since early June, nearly 4,000 kilos (8,818 extra pounds) of flower had been imported right into Israel.

Relatively much less rigid Israeli import requirements have permitted marijuana producers from different continents that do not have EU-Good Production Technique accreditation to locate an export destination for their products that can't be sent out to Germany.

Israel had no big imports prior to 2020, however in only 6 months the country became the biggest importer on the planet, underscoring just how rapidly things alter in this international sector. The lower import needs were carried out, due to not enough residential manufacturing of high-THC flower to meet interior need.

Months ago, Israel presented its permission for exports of medical marijuana, recommending that sales past the country can begin now. The country anticipates to get millions from this. The new order will enter into impact in one month, which need to give merchants time to acquire a certificate through the Health Ministry. 


Israeli producers have lengthy considered the export market, however the federal government has actually been slow to efficiently assist in exports, despite numerous efforts.