Jun 29,2020

Cannabis in Spain is prohibited for commercial objectives, but decriminalized for individual cultivation as well as usage, as well as other functions apart from sale or profession. Using the lawful grey locations in Spanish regulations, cannabis clubs are a prominent method for enthusiasts to get and also use cannabis as a technically-legal exclusive collective.


Spain's first marijuana club opened in 2001, offering a legal technicality for consumption secretive spaces, which, according to advocates, has helped in reducing illicit market sales. There are estimated 1,200 cannabis clubs in Spain.


Yet the effect of lockdown in Spain has seen medicinal as well as recreational tokers throughout the land remove their hair as they scrambled to source supplies after marijuana clubs were gotten to close down in feedback to the coronavirus epidemic. Lockdown meant an estimated 300,000 cannabis club members were resorting to immoral market resources for products.


Throughout this time around, the price of marijuana in an immoral market more risk-laden than ever before has also skyrocketed to more than triple the price, increasing from EUR6 to EUR25 a gram.

The anxiety of those who market directly to consumers is that now, the fine will not only be for bring some small amount of hashish or cannabis. Along with that fine, need to be added the assents ranged from EUR100 to one year in prison for going against the constraints of the state of alarm. Offers to draw in customers to a residence or so-called drugs are already alternatives that are almost ruled out as risky. The threat is better as well as, for that reason, the asking price goes up.


Will COVID-19 push the legalization in Spain? Some declared that personal weed clubs need to be enabled to give like pharmacies if illegal market pressures are to be beat once and for all.